AI Research Navigator

Do you work in AI or Data Science and are you finding it increasingly difficult to see the forest for the trees? With hundreds of new publications, technology announcements, and blog postings per day, who can keep up? And how does your team organize this work?

Our AI Research Navigator is a must-have professional information platform 100% focused on AI content and knowledge. AI Research Navigator combines the latest Transformer-based natural language understanding and search technologies, and a user-friendly interface to help you discover and organize the AI and Data Science knowledge relevant for your projects. Once you start using it, it will proactively keep you up-to-date on the topics you are interested in.

zeta alpha AIRN June 2021_edited
zeta alpha AIRN June 2021_edited

zeta alpha AIRN June 2021_edited
zeta alpha AIRN June 2021_edited



  • State-of-the-art AI powered discovery in all relevant information sources

  • Daily personalized updates

  • Organize and share your work in a team

  • What's trending on social media?

  • Find implementations on GitHub

  • Detailed and macro level insights

  • Question answering and Analytics modules

  • Navigate people and expertise.

Coming soon

  • Semantic Visualization

  • Find data sets

  • Search your team’s private information sources

  • And much more!



What you receive >

  • Up to 100 searches per month

  • Share papers with colleagues and on social

  • Free forever



What you receive >

  • Unlimited discovery per month

  • Organize papers and searches around your personal and team interests and projects

  • Timely updates on relevant new knowledge
  • Share project and reading notes, reading lists 

  • Find code, people and companies by topic

  • Question answering pinpointing passages

  • Insights and analytics in large papers sets

Free for students and academia
* billed annualy


What you receive >

  • All the features of the Researcher edition

  • Your private knowledge graph

  • Index private and team information from common tools like Trello, Slack, Jira, Confluence and Google Drive.

45 EUR/month



What you receive >

  • All of the features of the Team edition

  • Index all your enterprise content

  • Guaranteed 99% availability

  • SSO and API integration

  • Fine grained access controls

  • Customized processing work flows



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