Zeta Alpha at
NeurIPS 2020

Our goal is to provide tools to help you and your team navigate, discover, and organize your research work in AI. Zeta Alpha is a proud Silver Sponsor of NeurIPS and our team will be at the conference the whole week (6-12 December 2020).







For those of you who are getting ready to explore the first online version of probably the most prominent and high impact conference in AI, here is a short overview of our activities, how you can connect to us at the conference, and some pointers to navigate the content and plan your time at the conference.

Navigating the NeurIPS 2020 schedule:

Our demo and meeting schedule
(all times below are in CET - Amsterdam timezone):

  • Tuesday 8th December
     13:00 Introduction to Zeta Alpha at NeurIPS 2020
    17:00 Exploring NeurIPS trends and key papers

  • Wednesday 9th December
    13:00 Using Zeta Alpha to keep up with machine learning research.
    17:00 Exploring trends in NLP and Search at NeurIPS

  • Thursday 10th December
    13:00 Organizing your work and higher productivity for AI Teams.
    20:00 Exploring trends in Self-Supervised models at NeurIPS

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Looking forward to meet you in Rocket chat or Zoom. We will also be live tweeting news and and information from the conference via @ZetaVector.

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