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Zeta Alpha at NeurIPS 2021


NeurIPS - 10 papers you shouldn't miss

The 2021 edition of the most beloved conference in AI is here to end the year with a 'grand finale'. The growth of the conference hasn’t ceased: This year’s conference has 2334 papers, 60 workshops, 8 keynote speakers, 15k+ attendees. A dense landscape that's hard to navigate without a good guide and map, so here are some of our ideas!

AI (17).png

Try out Zeta Alpha to discover and organize NeurIPS papers

Making sense of this year's impressive lineup is no easy feat, but with some help from the AI Research Navigator at Zeta Alpha, you can organize your research with minimum effort. For example, see for yourself how easily you can navigate through the most relevant NeurIPS papers by citations:

Bonus offer

Use the promo code NeurIPS2021 to receive an extended free trial of Zeta Alpha's platform:


Meet the team

Our team will be at the conference the whole week (6-14 December 2021) and we'll be happy to meet you in Rocket.Chat or Zoom.

Alternatively, tune into our Twitter feed: @ZetaVector, where we'll be live tweeting news and insights from the conference.


Please fill in your contact details or send us an email at if you'd like to meet with us at NeurIPS.


35th Conference on Neural Information Processing Systems

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