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Zeta Alpha: The Neural Discovery Platform

AI is powering the next level of productivity for knowledge workers. To benefit, you need a solid foundation layer of high quality search to build the future of your organization and team work. Make discovery of existing knowledge effortless and getting organized easy. Zeta Alpha is a customizable Neural Discovery Platform for Enterprise. Leverage Generative AI and Neural Search on your private content in any domain, at scale and with secure access control. Connect people with knowledge, unlock existing information silo's, and find expertise inside and outside your organization. Our infrastructure and engineering provides the best ingredients for a state-of-the-art managed neural search solution today. Zeta Alpha’s experts help you to quickly benefit from neural search and large language models, and the way we combine search and knowledge tools helps you create a tailor fit solution to discover, organize, and share the knowledge to make better decisions, in AI, in R&D, and beyond.


See what Zeta Alpha can do for you

Tell us about yourself and we'll connect you with an expert who can help you get started in neural search and answer your questions on how Zeta Alpha can work for your organization.

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