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Open Access

Enjoy the best discovery engine in AI. No strings attached.


✔ Powerful neural search and focused discovery in all relevant open AI content on arXiv, conferences, blogs and relevant Github code.
(100 searches per month)

✔ Discover trending papers on Twitter and easily find related work 

✔ Share papers with friends, colleagues, and on social media.

Personal Assistant

Be productive and get organized. 

billed annually

(free for students and academics)

All the Open Access plan features plus:

Unlimited discovery

✔ Organize your papers around personal interests and projects using tags


 Very relevant 'need to know' personalized recommendations to save you time

 Insights and analytics in large papers collections to find the trends that matter for you

 Find People and Companies with expertise in your area

 Upload your own documents and reference collections, with migration tools from static reference managers like Mendeley, Zotero, EndNote and Paperpile.

Team Assistant

Streamline team work around knowledge & expertise.

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All the Personal plan features plus:

✔ Share tags and notes in teams 

✔ Search private and team information from many common tools like Trello, Slack, Jira, Confluence and Google Drive, etc.

Enterprise Search

Modern neural discovery tailored for your company.

Let's talk

All of the Team plan features plus:

✔ Index all your enterprise content using state-of-the-art neural search

✔ Your private search schema and knowledge base

✔ Customized processing workflows

✔ Guaranteed 99.9% availability

✔ Fine grained access controls

✔ SSO and API integration

Zeta Alpha pricing overview

Zeta Alpha offers a free open access version and 3 paid plans for efficient discovery and organization of knowledge. Our plans start at €20 per user per month (billed annually) and include unlimited discovery and a wide range of personal productivity tools for researchers and engineers in AI and Data Science. Students and academia are welcome to enjoy the services for free, others can hit the ground running with a free 30-day trial. If you need more users or custom functionality, be sure to chat with our sales team to find the best pricing solution for you and your business.

How do I get started?

By default, you can always access and explore the free, Open Access version of Zeta Alpha's platform. To apply for a free 30-day trial of the Personal Assistant version or a free student account, please fill in the registration form and within 24h we'll reach out to you with your account credentials.

How is Zeta Alpha different from free tools like Zotero or Semantic Scholar?

You can think of Zeta Alpha as a one-stop solution for the variety of research tasks that you would normally have to spread across several of such specialized tools. Household names like Zotero or Semantic Scholar are doing a great job in their respective fields, but no solution currently on the market is able to cover the entirety of the research process to the extent and degree of accuracy that Zeta Alpha does. In other words, we stand by our promise to provide individuals and enterprises with a smarter way to discover and organize knowledge. With AI-powered search and powerful recommendations, timely personalized updates, personal productivity and collaboration features, and possibilities for indexing even enterprise content all in one place, research workflow has never been simpler. And if remember that if it's free, who is the product?

Will I be charged once I start a trial?

Absolutely not. We do not ask for your payment details prior to the trial and will only invite you to make a payment when you decide to use Zeta Alpha after you’ve completed your evaluation. Your free trial is valid for 30 days.

Is there a free version of Zeta Alpha?

Yes, there are two free versions of Zeta Alpha:
Limited access plan Our basic Visitor plan is designed for individuals to make a first acquaintance with the platform’s functionality. However, you’ll be limited to 100 searches per month and, because the plan doesn’t involve creating a personal account, you won’t be able to use any of the personal productivity tools like tagging, note-taking, and reading lists. Students and academics If you are a full time student or an academic researcher, you are eligible for a free version of our Researcher plan. This allows you to enjoy unlimited discovery and all the personal productivity tools included in our Personal Assistant plan and completely free of charge.

I am a student/academic researcher.

If you are a student or an academic researcher affiliated with an accredited institution, you are eligible for a free version of our Personal Research Assistant plan. Please register with the email address provided by your educational institution to confirm your eligibility or send us a proof of ragistration as a student status.

How is Zeta Alpha different from arXiv-sanity or labml?

In addition to a more complete functionality, Zeta Alpha gives you access to a much richer variety of AI and Data Science sources, like all the major AI conferences, blogs, and code repositories. You can also index and organize your own content, notes and PDFs. Your personal productivity will benefit from not having to use multiple tools for multiple sources, and if you work in a team knowledge re-use and sharing becomes a second nature.



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