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Zeta Alpha is connecting search and LLMs to build the next generation neural discovery platform.

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Who we are

Zeta Alpha is an Amsterdam-based R&D and product lab with a passion for AI technology, with offices on the Science Park campus of the University of Amsterdam. and in San Francisco. With strong ties to the local and global research community, we are motivated by building beautiful and useful products based on the latest AI and natural language understanding technologies. We have the ambition to change how AI helps people to make better decisions in their work, and the drive to create a brand new product category to realize this ambition.

Zeta Alpha Vector B.V.
Office: LAB42 - Science Park 900
Mail: Science Park 608
1098 XH Amsterdam
The Netherlands

San Francisco:
Zeta Alpha US
95 Third Street, 2nd Floor,
San Francisco, CA 94103 

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Interested in our mission? Join the team! 

Our mission

Zeta Alpha is building the next generation neural discovery platform. Our platform allows you to really find documents by meaning, stay up-to-date on essential information, and organize your knowledge discovery work. We make knowledge intensive teams more efficient and competitive, support decision-makers, and keep busy knowledge workers up to date with relevant information, insights, and connections. We combine our love of the field with our drive to build solutions. Drowning in information overload? AI to the rescue!

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Meet the crew

These are the people that make the magic happen

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Jakub Zavrel

Founder & CEO

Founder, Technologist, Entrepreneur. Fell in love with AI some 30 years ago. Founder and former CEO of Textkernel. Building a new long lasting, prosperous, and global AI company with a very ambitious goal is what he loves to do. When he is not working or with family, you can find him listening to live music, enjoying a crafty cocktail, running, rowing, or tending to his rooftop garden.

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Arthur Barbosa Câmara

Senior Research Engineer

With a Computer Science degree and startup engineering experience from Belo Horizonte, Arthur adds to our Brazilian section in the low countries. A PhD Candidate in the Lambda lab at Delft University, he is interested in (deep) IR, NLP and Search-as-Learning. He is into video games, rockets and food, plus he's a dedicated father to small multi-lingual language models at home as well as big ones in the lab.

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Eduardo Ochoa

Senior Data Engineer

Eduardo is a former physics researcher turned Data Scientist and Data Engineer. He loves complex systems, but maybe even more to make complex things simple. Somehow more attached to Haarlem than to Amsterdam, he has also been bitten recently by the Zeta Alpha running craze, and has successfully completed the Dam tot Dam loop. Sometime he looks sentimental when Mexican food is discussed.

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Rodrigo Nogueira

Scientific Advisor

Rodrigo aims to use machine learning to boost scientific discoveries. He holds a PhD. from NYU, where he worked at the intersection of Deep Learning, NLP, and IR. Besides his role as scientific advisor to Zeta Alpha, he is also a postdoc at the U of Waterloo, an adjunct professor at UNICAMP, and a senior research scientist at NeuralMind.

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Arjen de Hoop

Business Development

Arjen is passionate about leveraging technology to create a meaningful impact, which he has done before in the solar energy industry.  The only one on the team that was born and raised in Amsterdam, surprisingly, Arjen is a graduate from Erasmus University Rotterdam. Apart from in your email inbox, you might find Arjen on hikes, football fields, or padel courts.

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Mathias Parisot

Research Engineer

Mathias did his Master's thesis internship at Zeta Alpha and decided to stay on as a research engineer. No problem is too difficult for him, and he simply enjoys training very large models.

In his spare time he compensates for that by running very large distances. 


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Dinos Papakostas

Research Engineer

While knowledgeable about almost any aspect of AI R&D, which he demonstrates on a monthly basis as a regular host of the "Trends in AI" talk show, Dinos is mostly working on innovative neural approaches to improve the quality of Zeta Alpha's search engine, and to finetune the latest neural models for our customers. Dinos holds a Master's degree in AI from the University of Amsterdam and joined the team after doing his thesis internship at Zeta Alpha.

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Artem Koziar

Frontend Engineer

Product-oriented Frontend engineer with a strong understanding of the history of designing and building scalable solutions. Effective translator of broader business goals into detailed requirements and implementations which solve real customer pain points. Always curious and a lifelong learner.

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Fernando Rejon Barrera


Fernando spent some time in academia while completing his PhD in theoretical physics, and afterwards  made a switch to industry in order to follow his lifelong passion for technology. He now focuses on software architecture of distributed systems, data engineering, MLOps, and cloud infrastructure.

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Joanna Król

Frontend Developer

Web developer and global citizen. Former marketeer and SEO specialist. Always looking for new challenges in innovative UX. Combines eye for detail as well as strong technical foundation in building large & scalable web applications.


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Pavlos Zakkas

AI Engineer

A graduate of Electrical and Computer engineering at the NTU Athens, Pavlos is working on multi-document sum- marries using LLMs at Zeta Alpha and for his Master's thesis in AI at Leiden University. Already an accomplished software engineer, he is also contributing to the core development of our neural discovery platform. In his spare time,  Pavlos enjoys Crossfit, Music, and reading books on software engineering methodology. 

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Jakob Kaiser

Backend Engineer

While still studying for a MSc in AI at the University of Amsterdam, and serving as a core member of the Dutch Nao (robot football) team, Jakob is helping Zeta Alpha with backend Software Engineering in various parts of the platform. As long as it is vegan, he will devour any new topic of programming language.



We are looking to grow the team with talented and fun NLP researchers, data and software engineers (both front end and back end), as well as entrepreneurial sales and marketing leads. We're not actively recruiting right now. If you are interested in joining our ambitious mission at some point in the future, please send your CV.  


We regularly have positions for::

  • Is there a free version of Zeta Alpha?
    Yes, there are two free versions of Zeta Alpha: Limited access plan Our basic Visitor plan is designed for individuals to make a first acquaintance with the platform’s functionality. However, you’ll be limited to 100 searches per month and, because the plan doesn’t involve creating a personal account, you won’t be able to use any of the personal productivity tools like tagging, note-taking, and reading lists. Students and academics If you are a full time student or an academic researcher, you are eligible for a free version of our Researcher plan. This allows you to enjoy unlimited discovery and all the personal productivity tools included in our Personal Assistant plan and completely free of charge.
  • How is Zeta Alpha different from vector databases and RAG with Langchain?
    In some sense you can see Zeta Alpha as a fully hosted vector database, with integrated LLM bindings and RAG, preconfigured workflows, a user friendly UX, and connectors for the popular apps. But it is so much more. Where LLMs have made prototyping easy, safe and secure deployment to production in the corporate IT environment requires much more sophistication. Zeta Alpha's expertise and know-how will make sure that you quickly get the productivity solution that you need from AI rather than an endless experimentation and prototyping cycle.
  • How do I get started?
    By default, you can always access and explore the free, Open Access version of Zeta Alpha's platform. To apply for a free 30-day trial of the Personal Assistant version or a free student account, please fill in the registration form and within 24h we'll reach out to you with your account credentials.
  • Will I be charged once I start a trial?
    Absolutely not. We do not ask for your payment details prior to the trial and will only invite you to make a payment when you decide to use Zeta Alpha after you’ve completed your evaluation. Your free trial is valid for 30 days.
  • How is Zeta Alpha different from free tools like Zotero or Semantic Scholar?
    You can think of Zeta Alpha as a one-stop solution for the variety of research tasks that you would normally have to spread across several of such specialized tools. Household names like Zotero or Semantic Scholar are doing a great job in their respective fields, but no solution currently on the market is able to cover the entirety of the research process to the extent and degree of accuracy that Zeta Alpha does. In other words, we stand by our promise to provide individuals and enterprises with a smarter way to discover and organize knowledge. With AI-powered search and powerful recommendations, timely personalized updates, personal productivity and collaboration features, and possibilities for indexing even enterprise content all in one place, research workflow has never been simpler. And if remember that if it's free, who is the product?
  • I am a student/academic researcher.
    If you are a student or an academic researcher affiliated with an accredited institution, you are eligible for a free version of our Personal Research Assistant plan. Please register with the email address provided by your educational institution to confirm your eligibility or send a proof of registration as a student status to
  • Can I export my data?
    Yes, we support data export of your documents, tags, and notes in multiple data formats.

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