Zeta Alpha is building the next generation neural discovery platform, 100% focused on AI and Data Science teams.

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Who we are

Zeta Alpha is an Amsterdam-based R&D and product engineering lab with a passion for AI technology, located at the Startup Village on the Science Park campus of the University of Amsterdam. With strong ties to the local and global research community, we are motivated by building beautiful and useful products based on the latest AI and natural language understanding technologies. We have the ambition to change how AI helps people to make better decisions in their work, and the drive to create a brand new product category to realize this ambition.

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Our mission

Zeta Alpha is building the next generation neural discovery platform, 100% focused on AI and Data Science teams. Our platform allows you to really find documents by meaning, stay up-to-date on essential information, and organize your knowledge discovery work. We make R&D teams in AI and Data Science more efficient and competitive, support decision-makers, and keep busy knowledge workers up to date with relevant information, insights, and connections. With millions of people getting into AI research and Data Science across the globe, we combine our love of the field with our drive to build solutions. AI researchers drowning in information overload? AI to the rescue!

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Meet the crew

These are the people that make the magic happen

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Jakub Zavrel

Founder & CEO

Founder, Technologist, Entrepreneur. Fell in love with AI some 30 years ago. Founder and former CEO of Textkernel. Building a new long lasting, prosperous, and global AI company with a very ambitious goal is what he loves to do. When he is not working or with family, you can find him listening to live music, enjoying a crafty cocktail, running, rowing, or tending to his rooftop garden.

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Marzieh Fadaee

NLP Research Lead

During her work as NLP Research Engineer at Zeta Alpha, and with her PhD in Computer Science at the University of Amsterdam on meaning representation in machine translation, Marzieh heads our R&D efforts. Her interests lie in getting insights from data and understanding natural language. When not training understanding models, she’s training her own brain to learn a new language.

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Shamil Mammadov

Senior Frontend Developer

Experienced web developer, global citizen, and history buff. Always looking for new challenges in innovative UX. Combines eye for detail as well as strong technical foundation in building large & scalable web applications. Enjoys a good movie, biking, and snowboarding. His eyes light up around topics of Central Asian cuisine.

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André Bonvanie

Head of Business Development

André has been running sales and marketing operations for over 3 decades in the B2B space. He’s been selling (SaaS) software solutions to some of the largest brands brands in the world. Previous to Zeta Alpha Andre ran the EMEA organization for Sitrion; an enterprise class collaborative solution.
André loves training and coaching his son’s soccer team and is an avid New Orleans Saints fan. Who Dat! 

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Artem Grotov

Senior Research Engineer

With a PhD in Computer Science from the University of Amsterdam, on learning algorithms that help users satisfy their information needs, Artem has worked on ML to maintain large IT monitoring systems. At Zeta Alpha he tunes search and recommendation systems to focus your attention to the most interesting papers. Artem likes cooking and spending time in the garden with his wife and his dog.

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Rodrigo Nogueira

Scientific Advisor

Rodrigo aims to use machine learning to boost scientific discoveries. He holds a PhD. from NYU, where he worked at the intersection of Deep Learning, NLP, and IR. Besides his role as scientific advisor to Zeta Alpha, he is also a postdoc at the U of Waterloo, an adjunct professor at UNICAMP, and a senior research scientist at NeuralMind.

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Fernando Rejon Barrera

Senior Infrastructure Engineer

Fernando spent some time in academia while completing his PhD in theoretical physics, and afterwards  made a switch to industry in order to follow his lifelong passion for technology. He now focuses on software architecture of distributed systems, data engineering, MLOps, and cloud infrastructure.

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Sergi Castella Sapé

AI Community Manager

With a BSc in Physics and a Master's in AI, Sergi keeps the pulse for you on all new trends in AI.  He is a prolific blogger, the voice of Zeta Alpha on social media, and eager to read and explain as many cool AI papers as he can. A native of Barcelona, he is the most musical of the bunch, and has long good conversations with friends as a hobby.



We are looking to grow the team with talented and fun NLP researchers, data and software engineers (both front end and back end), as well as entrepreneurial sales and marketing leads. If you are interested in joining our ambitious mission, please send your CV.  


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