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Can you keep up with everything that matters inside your company?

Information overload inside organizations creates confusion and makes time even scarcer.

In today's fast-paced digital landscape, the volume, velocity and variety of information available through various business systems and apps continue to increase inhumanly. As a consequence, sorting through relevant internal knowledge required for a smooth operation is a complex task for employees in most organizations.

Enter Neural Search connecting people and knowledge.

Neural Search is an AI technology that indexes knowledge, making it more easily searchable for everyone who need to find, access, connect, and reuse information efficiently for effective decision-making.

DALL-E: A painting of an ecstatic employee finding a needle in a haystack.

Neural Search is particularly suitable for handling valuable unstructured information spread all over the company, due to the technology’s ability to “understand” the search context in natural, human language.

By integrating a Generative AI foundation model to Neural Search, a range of analyses and insights generation possibilities—such as summarization and question-answering—can be derived from the relevant search results returned by Neural Search. Furthermore, Neural Search can help companies identify knowledge gaps, spot opportunities for improvement, and avoid costly mistakes.

Three applications of Neural Search and Generative AI at enterprise level:

  • Knowledge Management and Operations: Neural Search with Generative AI can index and synthesize vast volumes of organizational data, allowing decision-makers to access the right information at the right time. This helps organizations save time and resources, while ensuring that employees stay informed, innovative, and productive

  • Innovation & Product Development: Neural Search with Generative AI can analyze massive amounts of data to identify trends, gaps, customer preferences, and market demands. This enables organizations to create more targeted and innovative products and services, giving them a competitive edge in the market

  • People & HR: By leveraging Neural Search with Generative AI, People & HR departments can efficiently capture and surface human capital knowledge that are crucial for a more effective onboarding and overall support of business operations

Enterprise search is often an overlooked competitive advantage for businesses.

As businesses strive to grow and stay sustainable, it is natural for the organizational focus to be turned outward to better serve clients and prospects, attract new talents in a competitive market, and stay ahead of AI-powered competition. However, leveraging internal knowledge through technologies like Neural Search and Generative AI can provide substantial competitive advantages that should not be overlooked.

Learn more about Zeta Alpha’s Neural Search with Generative AI by contacting us here.

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