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ICLR 2020 - Already famous and influential – tips to navigate the schedule

From Sunday 26th of April to Thursday 30th, ICLR 2020 is taking place. The 8th edition of the International Conference on Learning Representations. Last year, more than 5000 Deep Learning aficionados gathered in New Orleans, from early stage graduate researchers, to famous professors that shaped the field over decades, and large industrial R&D teams from all the AI tech giants across the globe.

We all had wished to travel to Addis Ababa this year, but it turned out different. Our beloved ICLR conference is now online only. Challenging as it might be to miss out on all the good stuff of an in person conference, and having to postpone the dream of visiting Ethiopia, we are still super excited about being able to participate, and it is at the same time an opportunity for a much larger global audience to attend and learn from the greatest in the field of Deep Learning, and all this without the CO2 footprint and flight shame. With almost 700 papers in the program, however, it is also a real challenge to navigate the schedule.

We ran all papers from ICLR 2020 through Zeta Alpha's deep learning-based content analysis pipeline, and matched them against all citations from all existing Arxiv papers up till the end of March 2020 in our Deep Learning Research Navigator semantic search engine for AI and Machine Learning. While the majority of scientific publications nowadays are lucky if they ever get cited at all by someone, more than 50% of the ICLR papers actually already have more than one citation before the conference even started!

And this actually gives us a nice handle to approach the schedule. If you want to get up to date on the state of the art, and the most impactful research of the last 12 months in Deep Learning, make sure to check out the following top 20 papers, all with more than 10 citations already.

- scroll right to see the ICLR time slots each paper will be presented.

And while this top-20 of already impactful papers certainly promises to be worthwhile to attend, just make sure you don’t miss out on the serendipity presented by strolling around at an in person conference. The hidden gems, solid research*, the rising stars, and the wise insights from keynotes and presentations that are normally outside of your focus and daily attention. Learn and discover!

And above all: Enjoy ICLR 2020! At Zeta Alpha, we believe that researchers, analysts and decision makers in AI and Machine Learning should harness the power of their own state-of-the-art algorithms to make sense of the research literature. We are building a Deep Learning based NLP, Analytics and Search platform to help keep track of this accelerating growth of the field. Our systems are learning to read and understand, in order to navigate the knowledge around your research project, and to help you make better decisions in your work. We are aiming to release an alpha version in summer 2020, hopefully in time to help you with those thousand of important research papers for this year.

* For example, here is a list of the 34 papers with the highest review scores

** And here another overview with ICLR papers sorted by the number of github stars for the published code.

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