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Introducing Fully Integrated Zeta Alpha Chat Mode

Chat is a powerful interaction. The best ideas are refined by dialogue. Imagine that you always have a smart and knowledgeable mentor on your side when reading research papers, or when using internal company data sources. With Zeta Alpha Chat Mode integration, you can now have dynamic conversations with your documents, unlocking a world of knowledge at your fingertips.

What can Zeta Alpha Chat do for you?

  • 🌟 Explain, summarize and uncover related knowledge while you quickly scan and digest relevant core information;

  • ℹ️ Receive quick answers to all your questions about a document and enjoy intelligent conversation to guide you to a higher level of understanding;

  • ⛏️ Extract information quickly and get answers in markdown, tables, code and other formats.

This will immediately make your day more productive, engaging and fun.

All of this is now fully integrated in the Zeta Alpha Neural Discovery Platform, so you can also:

  • 📝 Save your chats as notes;

  • 🔍 Annotate text and images;

  • 🗂 Organize your thoughts and readings; and

  • 👥 Easily share knowledge with colleagues.

Because of the powerful neural search foundation, your notes and conversations are easy to retrieve when you need them. Almost like a second brain 🧠

On top of that, you can:

  • 📎 Upload your own documents;

  • 🔗 Connect our index to any of your existing applications;

  • 🗃 Create shared topic collections with colleagues, and become more productive as a team,

all of this with strong access rights control and SSO from the get-go.

And what’s even better, the things you read and tag become the core of your highly personalized recommendation and alerting system, that automatically keeps you up-to-date with new relevant and need-to-know knowledge 🚀

To open the new chat mode, click on any PDF document in your search results and open the PDF viewer. We are looking forward to hearing your first impressions and ideas.

We are super excited about the new fully integrated Zeta Alpha ChatMode, and we are working hard on further extending ChatMode more into a true cognitive assistant that can help you tackle the most complex projects and questions with the help of your own and external data: Powerful Neural Search and Generative AI coupled with a real foundation layer of secure system integration to your business critical information.

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