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Trends in AI — April 2024

Updated: Apr 8

Big departures and transfers in the frontier AI lab market, new hardware announcements from Big Tech & startups, and the first AI software engineer contributing to open-source! Join us for an overview of the latest breakthroughs and developments in the industry, along with a curated list of the top 10 trending research papers of the month.

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Trending AI papers for April 2024
  1. Gecko: Versatile Text Embeddings Distilled from Large Language Models - Jinhyuk Lee et al. (Google DeepMind) - 29 Mar. 2024

  2. FollowIR: Evaluating and Teaching Information Retrieval Models to Follow Instructions - Orion Weller et al. (John Hopkins University) - 22 Mar. 2024

  3. RAFT: Adapting Language Model to Domain Specific RAG - Tianjun Zhang et al. (UC Berkeley) - 15 Mar. 2024

  4. Adaptive-RAG: Learning to Adapt Retrieval-Augmented Large Language Models through Question Complexity - Soyeong Jeong et al. (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology) - 21 Mar. 2024

  5. MM1: Methods, Analysis & Insights from Multimodal LLM Pre-training - Brandon McKinzie et al. (Apple) - 14 Mar. 2024

  6. Jamba: A Hybrid Transformer-Mamba Language Model - Opher Lieber et al. (AI21 Labs) - 28 Mar. 2024

  7. Mixture-of-Depths: Dynamically allocating compute in transformer-based language models - David Raposo et al. (Google DeepMind) - 2 Apr. 2024

  8. Long-form factuality in large language models - Jerry Wei et al. (Google DeepMind) - 27 Mar. 2024

  9. Humanoid Locomotion as Next Token Prediction - Ilija Radosavovicet al. (UC Berkeley) - 29 Feb. 2024

  10. Stealing Part of a Production Language Model - Nicholas Carlini et al. (Google DeepMind) - 11 Mar. 2024

And a few runner-ups:

You can find an annotated collection of these papers in Zeta Alpha, allowing you to effortlessly discover relevant literature and dive deeper into any topic that interests you!

The full-length recording of our April 2024 Trends in AI webinar is available on our YouTube channel. For a short video overview describing the trending papers, check this out:

To join us live for the next installment of the Trends in AI webinar, sign up here.

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