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Trends in AI — May 2024

Updated: Jun 6

LLaMA 3 has sent shockwaves through the open-source community, followed by releases in vision-language models, LLMs geared for the enterprise, and a new contender for the throne of multimodal models from Reka AI. Join us for an overview of the latest breakthroughs and developments in AI R&D, along with a curated list of the month's top 10 trending research papers.


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Model Releases

Trending AI papers for May 2024
  1. LLM2Vec: Large Language Models Are Secretly Powerful Text Encoders - P. BehnamGhader et al. (McGill University, ServiceNow) - 8 Apr. 2024

  2. PromptReps: Prompting Large Language Models to Generate Dense and Sparse Representations for Zero-Shot Document Retrieval - S. Zhuang et al. (CSIRO, U. Waterloo, U. Queensland) - 29 Apr. 2024

  3. DUQGen: Effective Unsupervised Domain Adaptation of Neural Rankers by Diversifying Synthetic Query Generation - R. Chandradevan et al. (Emory University) - 3 Apr. 2024

  4. Better & Faster Large Language Models via Multi-token Prediction - F. Gloeckle et al. (FAIR) - 30 Apr. 2024

  5. Replacing Judges with Juries: Evaluating LLM Generations with a Panel of Diverse Models - P. Verga et al. (Cohere) - 29 Apr. 2024

  6. Many-Shot In-Context Learning - R. Agarwal et al. (Google DeepMind) - 16 Apr. 2024

  7. Leave No Context Behind: Efficient Infinite Context Transformers with Infini-attention - T. Munkhdalai et al. (Google) - 10 Apr. 2024

  8. The Instruction Hierarchy: Training LLMs to Prioritize Privileged Instructions - E. Wallace et al. (OpenAI) - 19 Apr. 2024

  9. Chinchilla Scaling: A replication attempt - T. Besiroglu et al. (Epoch AI) - 15 Apr. 2024

  10. Long-form music generation with latent diffusion - Z. Evans et al. (Stability AI) - 16 Apr. 2024

And a few runner-ups:

You can find an annotated collection of these papers in Zeta Alpha, allowing you to effortlessly discover relevant literature and dive deeper into any topic that interests you!

The full-length recording of our May 2024 Trends in AI webinar is available on our YouTube channel! For a short video overview describing the trending papers, check this out:

To join us live for the next installment of the Trends in AI webinar, sign up here.

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