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Breaking Boundaries in Enterprise Search with New Conversational Knowledge Assistant at KMWorld 2023

Transformation of Search to Conversational Discovery Helps Significantly Improve Productivity and Quality of Decision-Making with Proprietary Information

Washington, D.C.—November 6, 2023—Pushing the boundaries of traditional enterprise search, Zeta Alpha has unveiled a first-of-its-kind Generative AI Knowledge Assistant, called Zeta. Zeta makes it simple for users to unlock existing knowledge in companies—even ones they may not have been aware of—and for companies to boost productivity by deploying secure conversational AI with internal and proprietary knowledge sources. The news was announced at KMWorld 2023, the world’s leading Knowledge Management conference, where the company’s Founder and CEO Jakub Zavrel is speaking.

With a unique mixed-initiative conversational approach, based on Large Language Models (LLMs), Zeta works like discussing a new project with a seasoned expert. Rather than starting a project from scratch, this Knowledge Assistant:

  • Serves as a professional mentor, taking the user through a guided exploration of existing knowledge when onboarding to a new topic or project

  • Responds to open-ended questions, delivering contextual and relevant information, even when the user isn’t sure of the specifics

  • Interactively refines queries based on the conversation, mimicking a brainstorming session with an expert.

Zeta goes far beyond search. It allows users to embark on an intelligent long term journey that quickly surveys and summarizes knowledge collections, identifying pivotal documents and insights on the go. In addition to digesting the key points, Zeta continuously updates users with fresh, pertinent information as the topic evolves, ensuring they always stay ahead. Zeta is already in beta at two large multinational companies in the legal and chemical domains and more than a dozen smaller research organizations.

This comes on the heels of Zeta Alpha’s recently introduced Chat Mode, which enables users to engage in enlightening deep dive dialogues with single documents. Users can pinpoint specific information, like asking a document about its main thesis, hard-to-find details, or the implications of a study. The ability to extract data, facts, and figures on-the-fly, not only makes knowledge acquisition more interactive, but turns hours of work into minutes.

"Modern organizations face a profound challenge—how to truly harness the immense reservoirs of knowledge they have,” said Zavrel, the driving force behind Zeta Alpha and previously founder of AI recruitment company Textkernel. “Information overload threatens productivity and quality of decision making, but advances in LLMs and Generative AI make it possible to focus users on the information that matters." A recent study by Harvard University and Boston Consulting Group researchers shows that Generative AI enables double digit productivity and quality improvements.

Zeta Alpha's approach represents a technical innovation in conversational AI and information retrieval. Unlike ChatGPT, Zeta models a mixed-initiative dialogue, blending user queries with proactive system questions and suggestions, for a collaborative experience. Retrieval augmented generation fetches relevant passages from proprietary knowledge using neural embeddings and vector search, and seamlessly incorporates them into the generated responses.

This synergy of retrieval and generation is facilitated by a sophisticated LLM-based multi-agent system, where multiple LLMs collaborate to refine, reason, and generate responses. Interacting with company internal and external tools and databases. This further enriches the depth and breadth of information retrieval. Zeta Alpha is actively pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in conversational AI.

In alignment with this year’s Knowledge Management World conference theme, "KM Joy: Thrills & Challenges of the Tech-Driven KM Journey," Zeta Alpha is reimagining the future of knowledge management by championing conversational interactions and proactive discovery. To learn more about the transformative potential of these tools and hear from industry visionaries like Zeta Alpha, visit KMWorld 2023.

To learn more about Zeta Alpha or to try the system, visit:

About Zeta Alpha

Zeta Alpha is a Neural Discovery Platform for knowledge intensive organizations. The company uses state-of-the-art neural search and LLMs to improve how teams discover, organize, and share knowledge. Zeta Alpha empowers teams to work and collaborate more efficiently, make informed, data-driven decisions, and work faster and smarter, via its powerful search and recommendation engine. To upgrade your discovery process today, visit: or follow Zeta Alpha on Twitter and LinkedIn.


Gina Devine for Zeta Alpha This press release was distributed via EIN Presswire on November 6th, 2023 9:00 ET.

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