Zeta Alpha

Navigate Knowledge.

Organize Understanding.

Empower Work.

Zeta Alpha is building the next generation Enterprise Search and Insights platform, 100% focused on AI and Data Science teams.

Our platform allows you to find documents by meaning, stay up-to-date on essential information, and organize your knowledge discovery work.

With millions of people getting into AI research and Data Science across the globe, we decided to combine our love of the field with our drive to build solutions. AI researchers drowning in information overload? AI to the rescue!

We want to make R&D teams more productive, support decision-makers, and keep busy knowledge workers up to date with relevant information, insights, and connections in their field of expertise.

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The Zeta Alpha- 

AI Research Navigator

The Zeta Alpha- 

AI Research Navigator

By leveraging the latest AI technologies for language understanding and deep-learning based knowledge discovery, your AI and Data Science teams stay up to date and to organize their team work around new research publications, technology, news, and opinions.  The AI Research Navigator is here to help your team become more productive. Want to learn more?

We are an Amsterdam based R&D lab with a strong passion for AI technology, always looking to connect with search, NLP and machine learning experts.

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