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Reading papers is an active discovery process. A return of note taking in the margin.

Introducing the Zeta Alpha smart PDF Reader.

Yes, staying up-to-date in AI is quite the effort these days (indeed, that is the brand new DALL﹒E 2 paper above). Around our busy calendars, we all try to build a regular habit of reading relevant research papers. However, a couple of essential benefits of reading on paper got lost when we started to read PDFs on our screens… We believe there should be a better way.

Add notes in the margin to PDFs

Mastering AI is not done through osmosis. Reading is an active discovery process. Taking notes and making annotations is essential to build your knowledge and we believe they don’t belong in separate documents. At least since Fermat, the best way to take notes is in the margins, so we’re giving that back to you, plus the ability to later find them using a powerful neural search engine, and sharing in teams on top of that.

And since we’re AI folks, why not start further neural discovery from your notes in context? A whole new reading experience!

Unlock this in your Zeta Alpha account now. All you need to do is press the new blue PDF Reader button…

Read and browse PDFs, annotate text and images

The new integrated PDF Reader, has full-fledged rendering and browsing, and a user-friendly way to take notes while reading. This way, your notes not only help yourself consolidate knowledge during the reading process, but also make you more organized in the long term, and help your team access your knowledge if you choose to share your thoughts.

Share and reuse knowledge while reading

You can highlight text passages in the document, select and annotate figures or tables for later reference and reuse, and add your comments to these annotations in context. This means that you can now finally take notes in the margin again, and easily record your thoughts while reading. Notes support full markdown format, so no excuses to omit the proof of your conjectures...

Your notes and thoughts become a permanent companion to the document in Zeta Alpha, and are fully searchable and shareable. You only share within your team, and your notes are private by default. The perfect tool for a reading group in your company.

From your notes it is easy to copy illustrations and quotes to your own documents and presentations, e.g. if you want to give an overview of a new paper or research field. Just make sure you give proper credit.

Do neural searches in your notes, and from your notes

Not only are your notes now a new type of document that you can search for as part of discovery – of course with strong privacy and security by design! We've added a new filter for document type to discovery. Your notes will also take center stage as the starting point for further discovery. With a text note you can launch a powerful neural search for related work in context. If you’d like to further explore the results, continue the discovery process in a new tab. And in the future, your notes will also inform your recommendations.

While reading, you also have all the familiar Zeta Alpha functionality at your service, like tagging, references, citations, related work and other papers by the same authors.

Surely the first version still has many things to improve and we have just gotten started on this path. We’d love to hear your thoughts, wish lists, feedback, and shout outs.

And if you don't have an account yet, sign up for a trial now.


-- Jakub & The Zeta Alpha Team

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