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Release Update: Add your own documents and unleash the Zeta Alpha neural discovery engine!

A smarter way to discover and organize knowledge for AI and Data Science.

With this new release we are finally bringing the power of Zeta Alpha discovery and organization to your own private content.

Add your own documents to Zeta Alpha. All the documents and references that matter to you in Zeta Alpha. In addition to the 100% focused AI and Data Science public content from arXiv, conferences, blogs and code on GitHub, your own documents will come alive when they start to drive your discovery and innovation process. And they will always remain strictly private to you. Upgrade your reference manager to get relevant recommendations This new update of Zeta Alpha allows you to add any documents, even when they are outside of the scope of our current public index. Just references, or full documents. They will be indexed using the same powerful neural search technology that makes our public document discovery so user friendly and relevant. Leave guessing keywords behind, stop searching, and start finding what you need.

Migrate from Zotero or Mendeley today For your convenience, we have also created a new migration tool to import your existing document collections from legacy reference managers like Zotero and Mendeley. Have you invested a lot of time in collecting references the past, and do you sometimes dream that your papers would start working for you instead of collecting dust? ... watch out: your existing collection is now about to come alive in Zeta Alpha as your smart research assistant. Migrate today, create a new tag, and start the discovery process using our lovely 'Find Similar' search!

So get organized, in a discovery flow, and in the know! Check out the full release notes in the platform. And just to confirm one more time and unequivocally: your private documents will always remain private, and will never be shared with anyone that you did not explicitly share them with.

Enjoy! -- Jakub & The Zeta Alpha Team

We hope you found this piece useful and interesting, if you want to stay up to date about the world of data, ML and AI follow us on twitter and subscribe to our newsletter.

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