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The Neural Search Foundation for Secure Enterprise GPT - Webinar

In this Zeta Alpha webinar, we chatted about how AI and Neural Search solutions are redefining Knowledge Management (KM). How can organizations seamlessly sift through large amounts of unstructured, but confidential, documents, maximize the potential of Large Language Models (LLMs) like GPT, and step into an elevated work experience with enhanced productivity and better decision-making. As Jakub put it, "if you can get an accurate answer that combines facts from multiple documents, it really saves a tremendous amount of time."

Despite a growing interest in applying GPT to knowledge management, organizations either rush into it or shy away from it without fully understanding the underlying complexity, particularly when it comes to enterprise solutions. Executives yearn for the business transformations catalyzed by AI-powered KM, but in addition to productivity and better informed decision-making, they seek efficient solutions, secure and rapid implementations with trusted partners, scalability, and data security.

Kickstarting AI in KM

Kickstarting AI in KM starts with a vision, but that vision must quickly convert into reality. Secure Enterprise GPT require more than just the basics, which is where a foundational layer based on modern Neural Search comes into play.

Neural Search, the most powerful type of semantic search, works differently from traditional keyword-based search methods. E.g., when knowledge workers pose questions that extend beyond simple keywords, the relevant documents in the enterprise may not contain the exact phrasing of the question, yet there could still be numerous pertinent answers available. The webinar explored the mechanics, advantages, and pitfalls of Neural Search, addressing domain-specific language, the need for a hybrid search approach, cross-language capabilities, and handling knowledge without taxonomies. Jakub and Gabriel also addressed what it takes to securely implement Neural Search and GPT on top of an existing IT infrastructure.

Key Takeaways

Zeta Alpha is at the forefront of creating effective neural search solutions for companies across various industries. Besides Neural Search and AI, there's a focus on data security, access rights, platform stability, and connectors, all of them being crucial for an enterprise-grade solution.

The webinar underscored the importance of understanding that merely throwing all data at LLMs like GPT will not yield productive outcomes. Knowledge reuse is important, but simply attaching GPT to outdated search systems will not produce satisfactory results, as it's highly likely that the documents and passages containing the desired answers will not be successfully found. Effective implementation of these technologies in enterprises requires a much more nuanced and sophisticated approach such as the secure neural search foundation. Watch the webinar recording now to learn more!

Stay tuned for our upcoming webinar Hands on: Reusing Internal Knowledge Using AI on July 20, 2023 at 5 p.m. CEST/11 a.m. ET. The insights provided will be valuable for a wide audience of decision-makers interested in propelling organizational productivity and enhancing decision-making!

If you’re interested in learning more about how Zeta Alpha could help you build your own Neural Search foundation layer for Generative AI in Knowledge Management, contact us here.

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